Voici les affiches présentées lors de la conférence.

- Assessment of the frost resistance of several dozen vine cultivars grown in the Wester Pomeranian region; Piotr Chelpinski, Ireneusz Ochmian and Gerhard Flick; West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland, Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

- Breeding Wine Grapes for Minnesota North of the Twin Cities; Tom Plocher; USA

- Cold Hardiness: It Takes More Than A Cold Hardy Cultivar; Max McFarland; Nebraska, USA

Determination of Quality Attributes Driving Consumer Acceptance for Cold Hardy Grape Wine Produced in Quebec; Karine Pedneault et al., Canada

Effects of mycorrhizal inocula prepared by MYKOFLOR company on grapes quality

- Evaluation of the agronomic and oenological characteristics of promising varieties in Quebec; Caroline Provost, Larbi Zerouala, Richard Bastien et Jérémie d’Hauteville; Canada

- Grape Breeding in Northern Wisconsin, USA 20 Years of Grape Breeding at Mt. Ashwabay Vineyard & Orchard; Mark Hart, Mount Ashwabay Vineyard & Orchard (MAVO); Wisconsin, USA

- Grape tests in Latvia; Andris Dišlers and Gunta Niedra; Latvia

Impact of Cluster Thinning on Maturity and Grape Quality of Seyval blanc and Vandal-Cliche, two Hybrid Grape Varieties Grown in Quebec, Canada; Catherine Barthes et al., Canada

- International Cold Clmate Wine Competition; Gary Garnder, Minnesota Grape Growers Association; USA

- In vitro micropropagation of grapevine cultivars “Solaris” and “Regent” through lateral bud

development; Renata Dobromilska, Malgorzata Szczepaniak, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin; Poland

- Management of Boron and its Effects on Yield of ‘New York Muscat’ Grapes in Nova Scotia; Kris W. Pruski, Sven von Kintzel, Peter Vissers, Hans Christian Jost; Dalhousie University; Canada

- Spring Frost Protection in Viticulture; Peter Schwappach and Roland Zipf; Bavarian State Research Institute of Viticulture and Horticulture; Germany

- Terroir on the south side of Mont Saint-Hilaire; Monique St-Arnaud, Vignoble les Murmures; Québec, Canada

- The wine industry in Denmark; Jean R. Becker and Torben B. Toldam-Andersen; University of Copenhagen; Denmark